No one screams young ambition like Jay Zuccato. At only 25 years old, Jay has taken the fitness world by storm, landing magazine covers, medals and respect, all while working toward his college degree. Balance, consistency and commitment are what make Jay the pinnacle role model for a generation of men and women who want to achieve success, while looking and feeling their best.

My Story:

Ever since I began lifting weights when I was 12 years old, my dream has always been to be on the cover of a fitness magazine one day, and to be able to see it on the shelves of my local grocery and book stores.

After going away to college when I was 19, I found myself living a very unhealthy lifestyle which resulted in me gaining quite a bit of weight. I was unhappy with the negative direction in which I was heading, so I decided to dedicate all my energy to improving my health and accomplishing my lifetime goal of becoming a fitness model.

Once I finished that spring semester I spent the next 12 weeks extremely focused on my training and learning about nutrition. Over that summer alone, I ended up losing over 25lbs, completely transforming my body and adapting a new positive lifestyle. 

Soon after, I booked my first photo shoot with Arsenik Studios Inc, and my fitness industry journey began! After quite a few years of hard work, consistency and determination, it feels pretty awesome to say that this dream has now become a reality‼

NEVER give up on your dreams‼ Anything is possible if you consistently work hard and believe in yourself. The road may be difficult but it is certainly worth it!